Let's see if I can describe About in a few words (no I can't do that):
I really like TraditionalSimple, Southern, Creative, Genuine.  Topics Covered here are many:  People, Places,Writing, Home Decor, Designing, Gardening, Cooking, Creating which consists of Sewing, Quilting,Crewel, Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Crochet, Sculpting, Painting etc.

I love the Lord, family & friends with all of my heart.  I'm a genuine person and when I say something I really mean it.  No pretense here.

When my children were born I knew I'd be a stay at home mom. How could I leave these beautiful little miracles?  I did manage a strawberry farm for many years. It was seasonal and right on our family property so I didn't have to go far. I had a few part time jobs that occupied my time and enabled me to be creative.  One job in particular was close to my heart.  I worked with a Home Design firm and learned quite a lot from my excellent boss.  that job enabled me to use my creative loves and talents.

Interests and Likes
I inherited from my mother a love of cooking and gardening.  Both are very near and dear to my heart! I loved being with my children. Sewing for them was especially enjoyable.  When they were school aged I found many things to do to kill the time. crocheting, quilting, sewing, sculpting, painting,

I think from a child on up I've had the ability and longing to create something.  I would pick up anything and transform it into something else and loved doing it.  Examples: Once I found a heavy steel welding bench had it hauled into my room painted it and used it as an art supplies sometimes a coffee table others.  I was in my teens. I turned a dilapidated van into a playhouse that was actually quite cute. I gave tours of that van.  My mother and father weren't too happy with me when I painted the knotty pine walls lavender in my room and added flowers everywhere.  

Love for Decor/ Design
I have helped a few people with home decor/design.  That was something I wish that I'd taken further but hey can still enjoy. I love color, textures, the feel, the look, whether it be in fabrics, rugs, blankets, paint, in decoratingTraditional I would have to say is my style with a lot of eclectic thrown in. I love the glamorous yet simple style in clothing and furnishings. Things that don't go out of style, but have a lifelong purpose.

dolly's designs was born from the creative side of me. I call it the sewing/craft/design room of Hibiscus House. (I know not much on it have been busy with children and grandchildren, a labor or love but lookout in my spare time (what spare time) I'll be posting away. My trouble is I have so very many interests until I have little time to spend with each interest.  I must remedy that but I know me I won't I'll always have 'Too many irons in the fire', as the old saying goes.

Hibiscus House is my home.
I've often thought of opening a bed & breakfast. I love to cook and host, in fact as soon as I could reach the stove and sink my Mama Dot put me to work cooking. That love of cooking is where the cooking blog began. I could talk all day about this love of cooking, but I have to go cook!

UPDATE:  The cooking website is closed and I'm working on my cookbook.
I will be consolidating and adding new recipes here at Hibiscus House in the future.

We, Chuck and I live on a beautiful piece of land that is surrounded by woods,water, a church, farms complete with row crops, cows, donkeys and all of the wildlife one could ever want to be around or see. The land belonged to Chuck's family and it is very near and dear to him.  I love it too.  Where else could you walk outside and see coyotes, bobcats, an occasional groundhog and Oh once an otter came through the yard.  It is interesting to say the least.

It is so very peaceful out here and is a wonderful serene place to write.

 I write about what I know and that is Simple Southern Traditions.
Thank you for stopping by and please come again,

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I'll leave you with my personal quote.

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