Hi, I'm Dolly.  Welcome to Hibiscus House.  I've been asked many times if this is a bed and breakfast.  It must show the love I once had in really opening one, but this is our home. 

I love the Lord, family and friends with all my heart  This website has enabled me to meet many nice, friends from all walks of life. That has been a true blessing to me.  I am a what you see is what you get kind of person.  Genuine is the word I would use, no pretense here.

Chuck and I built out in the countryside and I can't tell you how totally peaceful it is out here.  When people visit they always comment on how very quiet and nice it is here.  It's true you know, and takes some getting used to, but I think we have!  We love it here.

Our interests are varied and numerous.  We have a love of design, albeit simple.  He and I both love simple, clean lines. 

I inherited my love of gardening and cooking from my mama 'Dot'.  She inspired and taught me both from a very young age.  I do believe from the time I could reach the stove and sink, or handle a rake hoe or shovel.  She put me to work and at the time I wasn't happy, now I'm so very glad she did these things.

My daddy 'Carl' taught me to be respectful, kind and genuine with others.  I will carry that along with other things taught by my grandparents for life.

God has given me great talents and for that I am truly grateful, although I don't use them near enough.  I need to rectify that and soon!

So you will see recipes, decor, arts and crafts as well as miscellaneous topics.  Chuck and I both have a knack for talking with others.  That must be the Spotlight Story interest.  Everyone truly has a story to tell and none ever think they do, no matter how famous they become.  That is the one true singular thing they all say.

Living out in the countryside has enabled us to enjoy the nature and animals that surround us.  Oh the sights we've seen!  Our backyard animals consist of a dog or two and many chickens.  The wildlife is plentiful.  We've seen bobcats, opossums, racoons, groundhogs, deer, and coyotes are many. I almost forgot we once had an otter go across the yard.  He was heading to the water behind us.

It is very peaceful out here and a very serene place to write indeed.  I write about what I know and that does include Simple Southern Tradions.

Thank you for visiting,  please feel free to comment and  come again.  

I'll leave you with my personal quote.

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