Thursday, December 3, 2015

Putting Down a New Rug

The holidays are a great time to really get down to cleaning.  It was time for a little change.  Nothing drastic mind you I still have little grandchildren that I want to be able to come into the living room and play without me cringing.  They are pretty well behaved and as Phillip says, "Mimi I'll tell the others about the house rules."  He is adorable and so smart.  How else could I have off white and pale yellow sofas with a tan rug for all of those years?


I have had this area rug for over nine years and just didn't want to clean it anymore.  It had to go it had served it's purpose here.  I gave it away because there was still a lot of life left in it yet.

Let The Deep Cleaning Begin

Left Side of Room

Chuck wasn't at home so I had to maneuver the furniture without scratching the hardwood flooring.  You know how when you want to do something right then and go ahead and just do it?  You may not be that way but I can be at times.

Right Side of Room

You find the most interesting things while cleaning don't you?  Today I found a quarter, a penny, a lighter and I didn't know whose that was, a blue crayon under the white feather dry clean only cushion.  It hasn't been that long since I cleaned under those cushions.

Almost a Full View 

This room is extremely small and hard to decorate but we live in it and it is very cozy.  My sister tells me all the time that every house I have the living room will put you to sleep they are so comfortable.  She is right they are pretty cozy.

I have oversized furniture and a huge mirror in this room but I like it that way.  Even though the size of the room is small these things work well in here.  I Actually don't think I could stand the size if the mirror were not there to give the illusion of a much larger space, plus the fact that my ceilings are nine feet.  Maybe I have a little claustrophobia.

 TV Armoire

I've forgotten the name and maker of this armoire.  I do know that I really like this piece and found it in the back room of a local furniture store.  They had special ordered it from another country whose name escapes me now, for someone and it didn't fit their home.  I was glad to take it home with me.

Close-up of cabinet door

I wanted to show you some of the detail on this piece of furniture.  I realize that the TV could probably be hung on a wall and give a little more space to this room but I just love this piece.

You may remember how I got this sofa at a great price and the saleslady took over $100 off the price because as she said, "I know Chuck and we ladies like to see him come in here in his motorcycle pants while on patrol."  That was alright with me saved me some money!

I had to stop for a minute and look at the floor.  I really like the color of this oak flooring.  It is called Gun Stock.  That is appropriate since Chuck has always been in law enforcement.  Isn't the color pretty?  

 I'm maneuvering furniture to get the rug down.  The color of the chair in front is raisin.

I'm liking the colors with the new rug!

I have to finish cleaning and frame some artwork to go over the fireplace.

Isn't she a beauty?  I love the subtle colors.

It does blend well with all of my eclectic pieces

I hope you enjoyed the cleaning of the room and the rugs. I can't believe I strayed away from the green colors I love, but this is one beautiful blue color with a hint of green in it.
 I'm off now to add some decorative pieces and then on to clean closets and drawers.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the season coming up.  I must decorate for Christmas.

Until later,


  1. You are brave! In our old house, when we had dogs, I matched the color of the mud to a carpet sample before we purchased it! It was easier that way LOL! When we moved it was all hardwood and tile. Really though,it is a pretty rug and I do love that armoire.

    1. Kathy that is so cute! I love it! I imagine the mud color was pretty neutral and would go with most anything else too! I love that idea and the story behind it!
      My girls tell me that anymore they know what colors I like: white, off white, tan, ecru, light brown! They laugh at me now. You see they grew up in our other home with red counter tops, strawberry wallpaper, and green flooring...I was wild with color ...loved it but it soon let me know I couldn't change a thing nothing matched them!
      Thank you Kathy!

  2. That-s exactly what I was thinking - a warm and cozy room! And I love the new carpet. Great colors.

  3. We have the same TV Armoire. We made a coat closet that fits beside the front door. I think
    we got ours in Kentucky. We also love the piece. Beautiful rug and love your living room.

    1. How wonderful! I love the idea of the coat closet that is great! I'm smiling it is a wonderful item to have around and has such character! Yay someone else knows and loves this piece as much as I! Thank you so much for the nice compliment on the living room! It was so good to hear from you.