Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of My Hero Veterans

My Daddy has always been my hero! I think all little girls believe that their daddy is just some super hero. In most cases they are. If we are one of the lucky ones to have such a daddy who truly is, that is great! I was blessed with just such a person. 
In the years since his passing I have met several of his WWII Unit friends and they are all heroes!
To the 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion of WWII, I salute you! To the best secret Unit there ever was in WWII.  To the artillery of Darby's Rangers as well as numerous other units.  Hero's One and All
To the most humble men I have ever met! I thank God for you all!

Badge that they were not allowed to wear because they were a secret Unit
Rounds Away An excellent history of this Unit

Standing on the steps of Cathedral in Amalfi, Italy

Daddy was on board this and then the rescue
ship that picked some of the survivors sank too!
Interesting history of 83rd Mortar Bn

Did you know that as a child Actress Sophia Loren would visit
this group and was treated for a cut on her chin by the Unit's doctors
I remember daddy saying they always gave the kids chocolate
He remembered her

To the men who helped keep our country free

This Veteran's Day stop and think about the sacrifices made by others.
so that we can enjoy our freedoms.
Freedoms that we all take for granted
Keep in mind as I will try to do 
We would not have this day if it weren't for
the soldiers of the past and the present

Thank you God for these patriots!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father, Dolly! You are right. We owe our freedom to him and others who served with him. My father was in the army prior to WWII. He served at the Panama Canal.


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