Spring & Summer at Hibiscus House

Who does not love Spring?  I know, I know allergy sufferers. How do I know?  I am one of them. Allergic to everything even to the grass beneath my feet. I have to say though I love Spring and Summer.  It is my most favorite time of the year.  Everything comes to life, birds are singing, fluttering around, and building nest such a happy time. It is a wonderful thing to see the grass growing turning green, flowers beginning to bloom everything is budding out.  Don't you just love to see the first blooms of Spring? .
I love flowers, shrubs, trees. My mama has the greenest thumb and I

only wish mine were half as green. I do try though. I love to garden, both flower and vegetable. Roses are my favorite that's for sure, next I would have to say Hydrangeas. What are your favorites?
Isn't it such a pleasure to go shopping at the nurseries after the threat of frost is over?  It is such an exciting time. There are some really good greenhouses and nurseries in our area. We do have the best farmer's market in the area too. 
My favorite places to purchase flowers etc are:

Savannah's Garden Treasures on S. Irby St. in Florence, S. C.  It is run by a very dear friend of mine Carolyn Hill. 
 She also has lots of cute items in her etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlloftheAbove  
 She has vintage items and some of these can certainly be used outdoors. Very cute indeed.

Another wonderful place to buy is:  Forest Lake Greenhouses on Alligator Road in Florence, S. C.  Lisa and her husband  will go out of their way to help you find just what you are looking for.

Amerson's Nursery in Lamar, S. C. has a great selection of trees, shrubs of all kinds.

Last but not least we have an excellent farmer's market The Pee Dee Farmer's Market on W. Lucas St. in Florence, S. C. that has a Spring Festival and a Fall Festival lots of beautiful plants, flowers, vegetables to choose from.

I am beginning to see a color scheme I was totally unaware of how much I must love pink
What are your favorite colors in your garden?

a wonderful, informative show on SCETV that airs on Tuesday Nights at 7 pm Eastern Time



  1. WOW! Thank you so much for saying such nice things! I love Fall and before you know it Mums and Pansies will be filling in where the Summer flowers are fading. LOVE the Fall colors! Cheers!

  2. Well it was all true! I can't wait to get some mums and pansies...think maybe it is time I enjoyed some Fall gardening for a change. Thanks Carolyn


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