Friday, March 23, 2012

Spotlight: Slugs Revenge

It is such a privilege to have as our  Spotlight of the Week  Slug's Revenge Bluegrass from Florence, South Carolina My daughter is friends with Desiree and I asked her about them.   She said, "Mama, they are my friends." They would get together at each other's homes and play music.  I didn't know for a long time that they were so talented. I find it amazing the talent that is right in your own city or town If I could play instruments like these people look out~~Sadly I can't I do like to watch others that can though, for sure. I thought I would share them with you in pictures Look to the right on the sidebar for The Slug's Revenge you tube Links Be sure to hit back arrow to return here to read post because links will take you away.. and At their website there is a great music playlist. Check it out.
Kevin Wycoff, Allen Johnson and Desiree Shaffer
Desirée Shaffer bass and musical saw General Manager For Contact Info: Slug's Revenge Website Slug's Revenge Facebook Page
Kevin Wycoff -guitar
Crystal Kanney-fiddle
Allen Johnson-mandolin and fiddle
Randy Wycoff-mandolin and mandola
Pat Reagan-washboard and tenor guitar

A little about us...

Kevin Wykoff started the music project Slug's Revenge over eight years ago in central Maryland. After touring around the country for six years he met Desiree Shaffer and decided to settle down and play music in Florence, SC.
 Once in Florence, Desiree and Kevin began playing with a local musician and good friend Allen Johnson. With Kevin on guitar, Desiree on upright bass and sometimes musical saw, and Allen on mandolin, fiddle and various eclectic instruments the band began playing regular gigs. After the move to Florence old friends Crystal Kanney and Pat Reagan also joined the band. Slug's Revenge play primarily original music, but also much of the traditional bluegrass, country, folk and old time music they all grew up on. The original music ranges from political ballads to songs rooted in historical folklore.
Thanks Desiree' to you and the group
For allowing me to share and for being our 
Hibiscus House Spotlight of the Week!
Photo Credit: Slug's Revenge
You Tube: Slug's Revenge
Playlist: Slug's Revenge


  1. Hi Dolly,

    Wanted to let you know I highlighted your post from last week on the KISS party. Please stop by and grab a featured button~


  2. Hi Shannon,
    Well I am thrilled and have grabbed your button. Thank you very much!

  3. what a pleasure- thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh cool! My wife and I enjoy this type music. We will be checking more of them out! Thanks Dolly!

    1. I do too, but then again I like most kinds of music. Hope you and family have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Fantastic photos ! I love watching and listening to live bands ! Our family is also musically inclined I was in a band lead singer , Papa here plays the guitar, my father was a pianist and also played the organ and accordian , my siblings also play instruments and our son plays guitar ! We used to have family get togethers when mum and dad where with us and just have a good old fashoned jamming , whilst we played other would get up and dance ! Those were the good old days ! We like all kinds of music ! Thanks for sharing these wonderfuly talented people with us ! Have a great day !

    1. Hello there! They sure are. I didn't take them so I can surely brag on them. I think maybe you should share your family's talent with us now Country Gal??? If you have a post about it share it here with us that would be great!!!
      Thanks so much for comments and Have a Great Sunday!


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