Sometimes I want a little something different to use for a touch of added color.  There are times when the almost completely neutral color scheme in our home can become, well, boring.  

Belgium Waffles Southern Style

We like pancakes and waffles but have them very seldom around here.  Chuck likes to cook from mixes, well for most everything.  I guess we could call him a semi-homemade cook.  I like to cook them from scratch. 

Mama and the grandmama's used self rising flour in most all of their baking.  I guess that is why I gravitate to it myself when in a hurry.

You know those Southern cooks had to have their biscuits always!  A joy to them was when the self-rising flour became available for them to use.  It saved them time and they worked so blame hard they needed that time.

My Grandma Cora used to say, "Your granddaddy expects to put his feet under the table three times a day, and he expects a fresh baked biscuit always!"  The woman was a saint!  I laughed when I heard her say that.  It was the harshest thing I ever heard her say about him.

A little Southern Family Tradition there.  Check out this quick and easy recipe for a thick fluffy inside crispy outside waffle.


Have you seen Paddington 2?  We loved it!  It was really good.  You may remember that a few years back I posted a recipe for orange marmalade made in the jam maker.  I like that thing, and for someone who always likes to do things evidently the hard way I've succumbed to the fact that I do enjoy this product.  I really like these oranges too!  I decided to make some jam the old fashioned cook down way.


I like to sew as you know, but haven't been able to do much of it lately.  I had a wonderful kitchen above the sink curtain that Carly gave me.  I so loved that, white of course curtain.  However time and bright sun took it's toll on them.  Oh I tried one last time to wash them but it would be the last time.  They were so rotten they came out of the wash torn to shreds.  Today I'm talking about one use that is simple and fast. Curtains for your kitchen windows.

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