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20 key tips for growing yummy fruit

Hometalk.  Are you a follower?  You probably have heard about it by now.  It is a wonderful website full of home and gardening ideas!  It is a great place to have your questions answered by very knowledgeable professionals that can do that for you.  I love the site!
Please join me over at Hometalk.  When you get there be sure to click the individual pics for all of the fruit growing tips and problems.  I was glad when Liz asked me to be the curator of this clipboard and hope you enjoy it!
Hometalk Fruit Orchard Tips

While we are on the subject of growing fruit I thought I'd share some photos from my little orchard this year.  It is young the oldest of the trees are 3 years old.  I don't profess to be an expert by any means but I hope to learn to grow wonderful fruits.

One of the pear trees a Keiffer Semi-Dwarf Tree March thru August
We have another pear called Ayers Semi-Dwarf but so far all it does is provide a place for bird nests.

This is a little Red Delicious Tree
We have this tree a Golden Delicious Semi-Dwarf  and a Stayman Winesap Semi-Dwarf.  We lost a Johathan last year.

Strawberries 2014
We have Earli-Glo a June Bearer, Surecrop a June Bearer, and Tribute an Everbearer (My Favorite)

Our Muscadines

 Blue Lake Bunch Grapes
I also have a Fredonia Grape Vine which is a bunch bluish/black grape

Our Heritage Raspberry

One of our tomato plants

Black Mission Fig
Three of the fig trees were damaged from the cold winter we had last year.  They are making a comeback and that is great.
I have Celeste, Black Mission and Brown Turkey Fig Trees

We have two Blueberry Bushes I can't remember the names.

We have Thornless Blackberries that we have yet to plant.  I need to find the best location for those and not too near the raspberries.

I hope to learn a great deal more about growing fruit trees at home and plan on enjoying every minute of it.

From the Farm Blog Hop here
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